Television online: the guarantee of your satisfaction

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Watching TV is one of the best ways to relax. But when you are far away from the homeland, living in a different country, it might become a challenge instead. Or an additional strain at the very least, because your head will be loaded with translation. Why bother? When there is a perfect solution. If you are currently abroad but need to receive channels and movies in the Polish language, go for PolBox.TV. This is one of the largest and most reputed providers of Polish TV via the Internet in the world!

Internet TV: it is always exactly where you are

The secret of television, provided by PolBox.TV, is that Polish TV can be streamed to any place where you want it. Thanks to the Internet, it is broadcasted directly from Poland. That is why you can access Polish television online as if you had never left the country. Watch and enjoy the selection of more than 100 TV channels, 3.000 movies and top-notch radio stations in the Polish language.

Advantages of Polish TV online:

  • streaming on a 24/7 basis;
  • streaming to any kind of devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and habitual TV sets;
  • possibility of watching different content simultaneously on different devices;
  • delayed broadcasting, i.e. watching your favourite programs at the time adjusted to your time zone;
  • saving broadcasts to the special archive, accessible during the next 14 days since they were on the air;
  • parental control of the content exposed to your kids;
  • Polish television online works even if the Internet connection is slow.

Connect to PolBox.TV, and see your favourite shows with no limitations.

TV online: connection’s been never simpler

We are used to the fact that, in order to install television at home, one needs a satellite dish, lots of cables and manpower hours. Well, Polish television via the Internet with a set-top box is a smart new technology that does not require any additional equipment or appliances. It is well reflected in the price as well.

Since it is streamed through the Internet, there is access to a variety of interactive content. It is directly connected to the social networks and the forum where PolBox.TV users share their best experiences. So welcome the new generation television: manageable, affordable, flexible, multidimensional and immediately reachable at any time and in any location where you currently are!

PolBox.TV is a convenient, flexible, affordable and enjoyable way to stay in touch with the home country from wherever you currently reside.

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