Ways to Increase Your Sales With Online Visual Merchandising

13.07.2023 | Новости | Просмотры: 193

Regardless of your online store platform, be it Magento 2, Shopify or WooCommerce, effective catalog management is an important aspect of your strategy. Instead of manual management or complicated online store setup, there are affordable solutions to help you develop better strategy using electronic visual merchandising tools.

One such solution is the use of pre-created e-commerce visual merchandising solutions. These cloud services provide an easy and convenient method to rule your list of services and goods and are easy to install and use. An example of such a tool is Sortler, a popular electronic visual commerce tool.

Sortler gives cloud access to a virtual electronuc directory that is in sync with your real directory. Using Sortler, you can develop rules that specify how products should be placed on your internet store website.

Here are some features provided by Sortler:

Task mechanization: You develop the ways how to control your list of products and Sortler takes care of the rest. You only need to supervise the conversion and bounce level.

Prioritize Smart: You can choose the number of products of a precise brand, collection or type that should be located at the top of the catalog and which should be left out.

Control the Out of Stock Items: Sortler gives you efficient tool of controlling your out of stock items by letting you to range them wisely in your catalog.

Promote your Underperforming Items: Sortler lets you find the way to grow the amount of sales of items with bad numbers by emphasizing them on your wbsite and giving attractive discounts.

Create product combinations: Sortler can automatically create great product sets, such as suggesting different items from the same brand, like adding suncream to hat and sunglasses to look trendy.

Drag and drop functionality: You can adjust your website quick and easy way by dragging items around the screen and visualising the result instantly.

Sortler has its proc and cons in comparison with other e-commerce constructors such as Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, but it is easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills on your part. It is designed to provide great results with minimum effort and cost.

Using precreated online construction solutions such as Sortler will allow you to effectively control your catalog, will provide your online selling page with immidiate growth.

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